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Experience IT

The True Source Of Knowledge Is Experience 

No CV is complete without experience and a relevant education is not always enough to kick-start one on a career path.  What’s more, and because in-house training is so time consuming and expensive most employers look for candidates with some form of job-related experience. 

Boston City Campus recognises the importance of this and has created a unique and innovative internship programme in which it partners with willing corporates to give its students the ultimate edge when entering the workplace.   

With the Experience It programme Boston ensures that students are employable from the moment they have completed their studies.  Made possible through the great relationships Boston has nurtured with various companies over the years, the simple wish to get a foot in the door can now become a reality for all graduates. 

The three month internships offered by these companies is a first step in that direction and may even lead to job offers if the students are able to prove their competence.

Choosing Boston therefore means choosing the ultimate edge when entering the workplace…


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