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Join the Experience it! Programme, make a difference

An integral part of this programme is that the Experience it! Programme is made available at all levels throughout South Africa. The opportunities to experience different careers and experience a ‘slice of life’ in the workplace are vital in making the transition from study to career as smooth as possible.





Why the need to Experience it!?

The Experience it! Programme developed and administered by The Boston Education Group and supported by major South African companies and individual business leaders plays two vital roles.
Firstly, research into the major problems facing school leavers is that they are being asked to choose a career for their future without any real way of establishing exactly what it entails. Generally, information on a career is from teachers, family and friends who often have no first hand experience of a particular career.
The second part of the Experience it! Programme is to answer an identified problem regarding the lack of knowledge students have of, and the expectations required for their future career.



Experience it! On television

tv-pic.gifBoston is launching the Experience it! Programme, enabling school leavers to see what many popular careers are all about. Eight three minute features will each show a selected candidate experiencing what a certain career entails. Viewers will be able to interact with the programme via Facebook, asking questions regarding the pros and cons of the career. At the end of the programme the presenters will ask the candidate if the career lives up to their expectations and if that is still their career choice. If so, a Boston bursary will be awarded to study that particular career.




spread.pngExperience it! In the Workplace

The programme will offer selected top Boston graduates internships working in the real world with leading South African companies. These internships will be both a motivation for students to excel and also enable the Experience it! partners the opportunity to have the best Boston graduates work for them for a limited time period. Employers get to assess potential staff at no cost, and without commitment, yet make a contribution to learner development.

Experience it! Mentorships

Seven leading businessmen and women are to mentor top Boston graduates, giving them a vital insight into what creates success. These mentors relationships (or days) will be filmed and broadcast on TV as an inspirational series to school leavers at the end of 2011.


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