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Boston City Campus & Business College believes in preparing students for market-related accredited qualifications. But more importantly, emphasis is placed on directing students towards a career that marries their passion and talent with working in a business environment. To this end, the college has introduced the ‘Experience It’ campaign that will meet these objectives.

The campaign is aimed at companies who are willing to partner with Boston in providing opportunities for students to gain practical work experience. One of the biggest challenges that face students is acquiring hands-on experience and skills to help further their business knowledge and understanding workplace culture.

There is no doubt that three month’s working experience carries considerable credibility on a student’s  CV. However, many students accept that in order to gain this experience, they will probably have to work for very little or offer their services free of charge. Ultimately, this commitment pays dividends and doesn’t go unnoticed by a future employer which could lead to a permanent placement.

“We believe that the time is right for educators and the private and public sectors to come together to address the lack of skills and employment opportunities.  By working together, we can make a difference to the lives of thousands of students by setting them on a sustainable career path. While companies are not obliged to pay learners, most agree to a small stipend,” says CEO Ari Katz.

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