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There’s no such thing as a boring BCom

Commerce degrees offer career flexibility and prospects not easily matched by other degrees 

There’s a whole lot of hype nowadays about degrees and which ones are more likely to lead to employment. The debate is healthy and interesting, with Ari Katz, CEO of Boston City Campus & Business College, putting his weight behind bachelor of commerce degrees, BComs.

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“It’s a dangerous thing to say that one degree is better than the next,” Katz points out. “You must, above all, choose a degree that is best suited to your individual talents, passions and career aspirations. But all things considered, when you look at the BCom you will notice that such degrees offer flexibility and work readiness that is not easily matched by other degrees.”

What makes the BCom different? Katz notes  the main advantages being that a BCom opens the doors to many different sectors of the economy and develops a broad set of knowledge and skills that are applicable to various job functions.

With a BCom you can enter number-driven sectors like banking, business, HR, property, stockbroking, insurance, accounting. But you can also enter sectors like travel and tourism, entertainment, mining, IT, educations to mention but a few - this because commerce graduates can fit into a variety of job activities.

“BComs cover the entire spectrum of business and develop skills best suited for today's globalised business requirements,” Katz explains. “Think budgeting, planning, corporate governance, human capital management, reporting – all of these essentials are part of the BCom curriculum. Best of all, there’s no such thing as a boring BCom - there are quite a few BComs to choose from and students can choose to specialise in the area of business that excites them the most. I can’t think of of many other degrees like this. You cannot go wrong with the BCom.”

For a BCom to have full value, Katz says that it is imperative for it to enjoy full accreditation by relevant bodies as well as credibility in the market place. In South Africa we have various accrediting bodies and the onus is on students and their parents to check the credentials of qualifications and the colleges and universities offering them.

“Another thing to remember is that it is not only state-owned universities that offer BComs,” he adds. “Private universities and colleges like Boston also offer fully-fledged, fully accredited BComs that are well respected by industry, for example the Boston BCom in Management Marketing.”

Launched in 2012 Boston’s BCom in Management Marketing includes modules such as business management, financial management, entrepreneurship, company law, economics, computer literacy, marketing/brand management, industrial psychology and project management. It covers digital marketing, social media and brand management - all buzzwords in the marketing field of today.

The BCom in Management Marketing isaccredited by the CHE (Council on Higher Education, the statutory body that accredits all public and private higher education in South Africa).  The degree makes provision for the latest marketing trends and opens doors to career opportunities in the fields of business, management and marketing such as: Management, general manager, brand manager ( a very in demand career today), and marketing manager. Other management positions include in customer relationship, key accounts, services, sales, guest houses, gyms, and hospitals. Basically management is a career that is in demand in all industries, so you can work in an industry that you are passionate about.  This includes positions in media, television, and advertising. The BCom really is a versatile degree.

You can do the BCom part-time of full-time, using online learning platforms mixed with tuition support from your closest campus.  Boston’s support centres nationwide provide computer and Internet access, structured support and guidance – so you can study from home and go to the Boston centre nearest to you whenever necessary.

“Studying close to home reduces the cost of studying as students can stay home with the family and avoid additional accommodation and transport expenses,” says Katz. “And where Boston BCom fees are concerned, students have a few payment plans to choose from.”

Katz invites those interested in BComs to go to their nearest Boston campus and get career advice regarding the BCom degree,  and various ways of financing studies. Applications are currently open for 2017, with the minimum entry requirement to Boston’s BCom in Management Marketing beingaNational Senior Certificate with degree entry while mature students may apply for recognition of prior learning.

Note that a wide range of study opportunities are available at Boston City Campus & Business College and you can select from a degree, various diplomas and higher certificates, or short learning programmes in IT, management, HR, accounting, marketing and more.  

Contact Boston on 011 551-2000, e-mail, visit, or Facebook.


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