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Diploma in Network Systems


Dip. (Network Systems)

SAQA ID 91921


This programme is offered by Boston City Campus & Business College Head Office in the distance education mode, with all other Boston City Campus & Business Colleges operating as Support Centres. Apply to register at any Boston City Campus & Business College branch countrywide.

Download the Fact Sheet for additional, detailed programme information.



Semester A

• Computer Literacy 1A (HCLT1A171)*

• Computer Literacy 1 (HCLP1171)*

• Computer Literacy 2 (HCLP2171)*

• Computer Literacy 2 (HCLT2171)*

• Systems Development 1 (HSYD1171)**

• IT Systems Management 1 (HISM1161)**

• Business Management 1 (HBMN11615)**

Semester B

• Technical Systems and Support 1 (HTSS1171)**

• Basic Finance and Budgeting 1 (HBFB1161)**

• Business Communication 1 (HBCM1161)**

• Praxis 1 (HPRX1161)



Semester A

• IT Systems Management 2 (HISM2161)**

• Project Management 1 (HPRM11615)**

• Socioeconomics 1 (HSEC11615)**

• Praxis N2 (HPRXN2161) 

Semester B

• Network Systems 2A (HNTS2A161)**

• Network Systems 2B (HNTS2B161)**

• Network Systems 2C (HNTS2C161)**

• Network Systems 2D (HNTS2D161)**



Semester A

• IT Systems Management 3 (HISM3161)**

• Network Systems 3 (HNTS3161)**

• Praxis N3A (HPRXN3A161)

Semester B

• Telecommunications 3 (HTCP3161)**

• IT Project Management 3 (HIPM3161)**

• Praxis N3B (HPRXN3B161)


All modules are compulsory and must be passed.

*Formative Assessments are undertaken and the highest grade achieved in Formative Assessment is retained. The final grade is based on the Summative Assessment only. A maximum of one (1) additional supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for the Summative assessment, which will be charged for.


**Two (2) formal Formative Assessments are completed and weighted at 20% (each) of the final grade. No supplementary assessments are provided for Formative Assessments. Two (2) Summative Assessments are completed and weighted at 50% and 10% of the final grade. A maximum of one (1) supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for each Summative Assessment, which will be charged for.



Additionally, Learners may opt to sit for International CompTIA, Microsoft® and CISCO™ Examinations at Boston City Campus. These examination fees are excluded but charged at cost.



Based on credits and notional hours of this qualification, the minimum duration is six semesters over a period of three years, and the maximum duration is six years.



On completion of the programme, graduates will have the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to:

• Operate effectively in the workplace using a number of Windows-based end-user applications

• Apply general business principles to real life situations

• Manage technological resources in organisations

• Demonstrate project management skills for technology

• Develop and maintain network and telecommunication systems

• Identify the socio-economic needs of society and display cultural sensitivity within Organisations



National Senior Certificate (NSC), with English passed with endorsement for admission to Diploma study; or National Certificate (Vocational) (NC(V)), with English passed with endorsement for admission to Diploma study; or prior to 2009, Senior Certificate with English as one of the modules passed.




On successful completion the Learner will be issued a Diploma in Network Systems, NQF Level 6, SAQA ID 91921, minimum 364 credits from Boston City Campus & Business College.


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