Career Compass

Career Compass

Do you know exactly what you want to do with your life?

If so, great – but most people, when leaving school, aren’t absolutely sure.  Which means they could choose a study and career path without properly understanding what the work requires, and end up not enjoying what they do for a living.

It’s well known that academic and workplace success shoots up when people study and work at what they love.  We’re Serious about You – so we want you to have the knowledge and support to choose the right career –  for You.

To help you choose, we’ll give you free access to our career guidance tool, Career Compass, which will empower you to find[1] the right career for You.

The Career Compass questionnaire is available at all our Support Centres, and is supported by qualified study counsellors, who are trained to offer career and study guidance and support. Visit us and answer some simple questions about your interests, values, and ambitions.

In about 20 minutes, the Career Compass questionnaire will:

  • Tell you what your interests are.
  • Confirm your career choice OR offer alternatives to your first choice of study.
  • Suggest career options you may not have thought of.
  • Provide insight into what your values are and what you want out of a career.

Results are available immediately, as a graph which grades your results from the most-suited career options for you, to the least-suited, based on your interests

So call your nearest Boston City Campus Support Centre (there are 45, nationwide) to make an appointment, or just walk in and tell us you’d like to complete the Career Compass questionnaire.  It’s free, so you have nothing to lose – and so much to gain!




[1] Career Compass is a self-direction tool, rather than a psychometric test.  A self-exploration tool enables the user to self-direct towards a suitable career, while a psychometric test looks at personality, aptitude, values and other factors – and the results need to be evaluated by a psychologist. Self-exploration methodology is widely used in the career guidance field.