Boston City Campus is committed to providing access to education, where students are unable to access further studies or higher education programmes, attributed to the social and economic inequalities present in the South Africa community. This is done through an application process, via the Bursary Committee.

The necessity to appreciate the social and demographic landscape of the South African community at large and the high value placed on education is recognised by the institution, along with the demand from Institutions of Learning to create opportunities for disadvantaged students to access further or higher education:

  1. Create opportunities for disadvantaged students to access further- and/or higher education studies.
  2. As a registered and accredited provider of education and training, the institution is committed to social reform and to economic empowerment.
  3. To address the socio-economic inequalities that prevail throughout South African communities.
  4. The institution, in line with National policy, contributes to efforts focused on addressing the discourse in the employment sector at large.
  5. The Bursary Policy of the Institution thus aims to assist students in need, with financial assistance, in order to access further and/or higher education studies. The investment is hoped to benefit not just students, but community at large.



There are various bursary opportunities that occur during the year, and applicants are requested to watch social media as well as other media for all opportunities that occur with a third party and/or sponsor.

For registered Boston Students please see your Branch Manager to submit an application for a bursary application. These bursaries are open for application from 1 November – 30 November for studies in the following Semester One. And 1 May to 30 May for studies in the following Semester Two.

For not yet registered Boston students, please contact or visit your nearest branch to make your application. These applications must be submitted from 1 – 30 May or 1 – 30 November during the academic year.

Please note that for an application the committee requires valid documentation to be submitted. This documentation includes:

  • A written motivation
  • Results (most recent Boston or School leaving results)
  • Copy of ID.
  • Where applicable, a letter of reference from a third party