About BMH

About BMH

Boston Media House is the only institution that gives you exposure to more than one discipline before specialising in the one that suits your career.
Which makes you more sought after, more employable and more work-ready!
Back your passion with a recognised degree or diploma specialising in Marketing, Advertising, Graphic Design, Animation, Journalism, PR, Radio or Television!

Our Mission Statement – Our Passion

To teach and mentor, to develop each student’s creative potential, so that each has the knowledge and understanding to fulfil that potential; to evolve, to succeed in, and be passionate about, his or her chosen career.
The passion within Boston Media House is not simply to teach, but to develop our students in all aspects of their lives; to encourage students to discover their talents, to satisfy their hunger for knowledge and explore their creativity – the all-powerful tools of the world of media.
Boston Media House is recognised as one of SA’s most established media training institutions. The high calibre and standard of education has secured leading roles in the media industry for many of our graduates.

Advertising executive, creative director, graphic designer or animator? DJ, radio presenter, journalist or marketing strategist? Whichever media career you have in your sights, Boston Media House offers you a flexible qualification structure that includes a broad range of career choices to launch you into a dynamic world of media.

Kickstart your career in media with a qualification from Boston Media House!