Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

PG.Dip (Management)

SAQA ID 105040

Accredited by the HEQC(CHE), awaiting Registration outcomes from SAQA and the DHET to enroll students

This programme is offered by Boston City Campus & Business College Head Office in the
distance mode of provision, with all other Boston City Campus & Business Colleges operating
as Support Centres. Apply to register at any Boston City Campus & Business College branch

Graduates of this unique qualification at NQF (HEQSF) Level 8 will be able to articulate vertically to a cognate Master’s programmes in Commerce, General Management, Marketing Management or Business Administration on NQF (HEQSF) Level 9 at any number of public universities, private or foreign higher education institutions, subject to the admission and selection criteria of the receiving institution.

Please request the Fact Sheet for additional, detailed programme information.


Semester A

  • Operational and Risk Control Management (HPBM440-1)
  • Human Capital Development and Talent Management (HPBM441-1)
  • Legal Aspects and Commercial Negotiations (HPLW440-1)
  • Strategic Integrated Marketing (HPMK440-1)
  • Business Research Methods (HPRM440-1)

Semester B

  • Global Marketing in the Digital Era (HPMK441-1)
  • Finance for Corporate Action (HPFM440-1)
  • Strategic Branding for SMMEs (HPMK442-1)
  • Research Project Report (HPRM441-1)

Choose one of the following electives:

  • Advanced Entrepreneurship (HPBM442-1); or
  • Advanced Project Management (HPBM443-1); or
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management (HPBM444-1)


Various Assessment Strategies (ASC, ASW, AS1 to AS5) are used throughout the modules in the programme. For example, AS4 is predominately applied in this programme and consists of

Formative Assessments (FA1 and FA2), also known as assignments or tests, which count forty percent (40%) – twenty percent (20%) each – towards the overall mark.

Summative Assessments in the form of a final exam or capstone project (SA1), count fifty percent (50%), and a research or reflective essay (SA2) count ten percent (10%) towards the overall mark.

No supplementary assessment is provided for FA1 or FA2. A maximum of one (1) additional supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for SA1 and SA2 respectively, which will be charged for. Please consult the Fact Sheet and Student Rulebook for additional, detailed programme information.


Based on credits and notional hours of this qualification, the minimum duration is one year and the maximum duration is three years of study.


On completion of the programme, graduates will have the necessary advanced knowledge and professional skills required to:

  • Apply the theoretical frameworks of operations and risk control to real life situations and evaluate the associated commercial realities of local, national and global operations
  • Demonstrate an ability to conduct research and to communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of maintaining, improving, and upholding a brand so that the brand is associated with positive results
  • Demonstrate an ability to collect, organise, analyse, and critically evaluate financial management data and other information for strategic decision-making
  • Demonstrate an ability to assess, develop and manage the human capital needs of organisations exhibiting sensitivity when dealing with change management situations
  • Identify, systematically examine, critically evaluate and solve Business and Marketing problems with recommendations that display responsible decisions using critical and creative thinking
  • Apply the competences associated with entrepreneurship or project management or supply chain and logistics management in a commercial context


Admission to the qualification is subject to academic selection criteria. At minimum the applicant must hold, from a recognised institution, a Bachelor’s degree or an Advanced Diploma (HEQSF Level 7) and be proficient in English (for students who have not studied at post-school level in English).


On successful completion the Learner will be issued a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, NQF Level 8, SAQA ID TBA, minimum 128 credits from Boston City Campus & Business College

Nine compulsory and one elective module must be passed.